A multilingual training platform for immersive learning experiences

Does the competency of your people rely on the quality of the training or learning that you provide?

Our View360 Global™ platform allows you to create bespoke learning solutions with the full support of our expert team, deliverable in one location or remotely through the integrated video conferencing facility, in over 90 languages.

Engage learner in an immersive experience

Train people across multiple locations

Deliver cost-effective solutions within budget

Offer key stakeholders measurable results

Avoid the disruption of offsite training days

About our learning platform

If you need to test and develop decision making skills, our versatile multilingual View360 Global™ platform allows you to create an immersive online learning environment tailored to meet your specific needs.

Some of the areas where our clients have discovered its advantages

  • Crisis management response
  • Compliance training
  • Business continuity planning
  • Safeguarding and education
  • Testing policy, procedures and gap analysis
  • Criminal Justice Sector training

We work with organisations from both the public and private sectors, including those following statutory or mandatory training requirements. Read More…


Our easy to use platform provides onsite or remote delivery globally in 90+ languages


Engage learners around the world at the same time using the integrated video conferencing functionality


Customise training programmes using mixed media to help recreate meaningful and immersive real-life situations for a safe learning environment


Monitor, analyse and record participants’ responses in real-time ensuring learning outcomes have been met

View360 Global™ Users