Financial investigation course – wildlife trafficking in South East Asia


The Challenge

To deliver a 5-day training course on financial investigations in illegal wildlife trafficking remotely to participants in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia on behalf of INTERPOL (Singapore) to a blend of of multi-agency law enforcement agency representatives from these countries.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the course had to be delivered remotely to participants over their 3 time zones within their working day.

How We Assisted

We delivered the course from our virtual training room at our Head Office in Kent to the participants located at their offices and homes in the four countries. Our four Subject Matter Experts delivered various topics presented interactively on the first three days through the Webex platform. The final 2 days engaged the participants in a bespoke immersive exercise the View360 Global platform. The scenario challenged the learners through in a simulated financial investigation relating to wildlife crime, where they were able to collaborate in breakout room using the integrated video functionality of the platform.

What Was Achieved

Using the technical capability of our virtual training room and the View360 Global platform we were able to transcend a one-way video conference didactic style of presentation and fully engage participants located across four jurisdictions in a collaborative manner.

The feedback and evaluation results evidenced that this style of learning achieved the outcomes desired by the client, whilst fully engaging the participants in what was a completely new style and method of experiential learning for them.